About Evita

You can describe my work as adventurous, warm, loving and pure. The world is my biggest influence, and it's lightfall the love of my life.  I guess it's no surprise that I'm a daylight photographer. Always looking for flare or reflections, in the early hours or during the last sunlight. 



Photography for me is not only a job, it's a way of seeing life. Finding the beauty in every person, at every location. That's why I'm also very passionate about doing productions or assisting other photographers. I like working in teams to get the most out of everybody's talent. 



My hometown is 's-Hertogenbosch in The Netherlands, but no country is too far for a visit by me and my camera. 




I found the lust for life in passionate story's, old cars, ginger beer, a simple game of darts, sunsets, a good glass of wine, wild feathers and wondering during nightfall. The little things in life, spontaneous trips down south, my terrifically talented friends, the smell of a wet forest, searching for new places and finding new festivals. 


My friends call me a 'wild child '. I'm a dreamer and an adventurer. I concur new challenges with great enthusiasm. My passion gives me energy. I embrace the world with a smile and open eyes. My branding is made by Marloes Verhofstadt. She perfectly captured my love for light, nature and energy in a logo with 3 different colors: from sunrise to sunset. 




I'm also converting a Peugeot J7 1976 campervan called (hittheroad) Jacques  and planning to travel Europe with a built-in darkroom for developing wet plates.